Make money just for going to the doctor?

Because you work hard for your family, it makes sense to be sure they will recieve the health care they need. This supplemental health insurance policy can help.

Supplemental Health Options Policy

Health Insurance is a good way to help pay the costs of medical treatments that may be necessary, but most plans offered today don’t pay all the costs if your treatment requires a visit to your physician, the emergency room, or an extended stay in the hospital. The average length of stay in a U.S. hospital is 4.9 days. Even just a couple of days in the hospital could be costly to you. Lost income, medicines and therapies can quickly add up.

Supplemental health insurance can help protect your hard-earned savings, and it can help you cover some of the costs associated with hospital care. If you have little or no savings, then spending time in the hospital could cause a major financial burden to you and your family. We offer a plan called “SHOP” insurance that help protect your finances.

  •  Benefits paid directly to you unless assigned 
  •  Benefits paid regardless of other coverage 
  •  Coverage for you, or you and your family 
  •  Premium based on age at issue 
  •  Guaranteed renewable to age 65

Check out our brochure: SHOP


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