Golf Cart Insurance Facts

A golf cart can be a significant investment.  Make sure your golf cart is protected from theft and vandalism. Also, golf cart insurance will protect you for liability.

Golf Cart Insurance

Do you own a Golf Cart?  Does your Homeowners Insurance Policy cover you for Bodily Injury or Property Damage caused to others while using the Golf Cart?  What if your Golf Cart is damaged in an incident or stolen, do you have coverage on your current homeowners policy?

Dakkak Insurance can offer you a Golf Cart Policy for only pennies a day.

2000 Model Golf Cart

Coverage                                             Limits                                     Premium

Bodily Injury                                       250,000/500,000
Property Damage                               100,000
Collision                                                 100 Deductible
Comprehensive                                   100 Deductible
Guest Liability                                     250,000/500,000
Optional Equipment                          1,000
Total Annual Policy Premium*                                                           $60.00

Monthly Payment approximately $5.00


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